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Journal, Journal2 and soon Journal3 are very popular themes for OpenCart eCommerce engine. But even something perfect could be improved. What if I tell you that you can get a ‘secret button’ on a product page which is visible only for logged administrator. By clicking on it you will be redirected to admin panel edit product page.

Why I need it?

Just installed OpenCart have just some very basic tools for administration. Usually, owner of shop or manager surf their website and found some mistakes in product description. What’s next? Similar workflow is next:

  1. Copy product name to clipboard;
  2. Open in a new tab admin panel (feel lucky if it’s not required to re-login again);
  3. Open Catalog, than Products section;
  4. Past in search filed name of product from clipboard;
  5. Press Filter;
  6. Feel lucky if product is just one in list (sometimes you can get several products with same name) or no one product if your SEO manager change a name of product on front-end or add something extra;
  7. Become tired.

With this magic button you can safe a time and not worry about are you editing right product or nope.

Nice, I like it! How to get it?

You can buy it officially as OpenCart extension with author support here. License for up to 5 websites cost just 20$. I will help you with installation if something going wrong.

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