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  1. Shashank

    I think there’s an issue with your typeahead.js file.

    1. Ihor Chyshkala


      Yep, I know. I did that. BTW, my hosting IS NOT CDN. Keep in mind this next time while adding js scripts to your projects.

  2. Rohan Choudhari

    Hi Igor ,

    Greetings of the day !
    My earlier teammate might have used some of your scripts for one web portal in unsecured way thus We recently got redirected to unwanted website via typeahead.js script , is there any way we could avoid such redirection in future ?

    Thank you .

    Regards ,
    Rohan Choudhari
    Mumbai , INDIA

    1. Ihor Chyshkala

      Hi, Rohan!

      My hosting provider told me about x5 overload to CPU, mostly because typeahead.js was included to thousands websites all around of the world. My website IS NOT CDN for js files. If you need typeahead library JUST COPY IT to your website.

  3. Alan Frank

    Thanks for the clarification. Can you suggest a source for a clean version of the file? I found what seemed to be the right thing on GitHub, but it does not work when substituted for yours?
    Or perhaps can you restore your copy with the redirect at the beginning to prevent the CPU overload but allow developers to copy it?

    1. Ihor Chyshkala

      you can use Google as anyone else for “typeahead.js cdn”
      I did it for you and I can advise you